About Us

Findlay's Drycleaners has been based in the heart of Pukekohe for over 60 years. The team lead by Shane McLennan has a wealth of knowledge in the Dry Cleaning industry. Shane took over the business in late 2016, his background has had him in the game for many years working in and around Dry-cleaning and Laundry businesses across New Zealand. His knowledge and experience grew in the earlier days as General Manager/Head Dry cleaner for Regal Drycleaners in Newmarket specialising in high end fashion garments, we have a team of staff who have a combined level of over 100 years of dry cleaning expertise! You know you are in safe hands at Findlays.

We specialise in all types of cleaning from the most delicate wedding dresses to industrial overalls. We remove mould from curtains and also do suede and leather garments.

We have an experienced team in repairs and alterations to garments. In addition offering a complimentary onsite repair service for small repairs on garments being cleaned.

We are open from 8.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

We also offer free client parking at the rear of our premises accessed from Devon Lane.

About us

World's first certified dry-cleaning bag trialed in Pukekohe

Collecting your dry-cleaning has become more environmentally sustainable, thanks to Findlay's Dry-Cleaners in Pukekohe!

Manufactured in New Zealand by Convex, this compostable bag is internationally certified 'home compostable'. Home compost trials wer conducted over winter comparing the compostable bag vs the current bio-degradable bag. The compostable bag, in just 6 weeks, had been almost completely eaten by microbes.

The film in so uniquely fine made from starch biopolymers, the initial landfill process can take up to a matter of months before its covered, during this time the bag would have naturally begin decomposing. Once covered, the breakdown process will slow down, and decomposing over a longer period into a non-toxic biomass.

We cannot completely abandon plastic packaging as of yet, but we can commit to a product that delivers the least impact on our environment.

Come and try it for yourself and lets move towards positive change!

Picture of Shane in front of store
Compostable Bag on show
Compostable Bag Example
Plastic Bag Almost decomposed

Free Client parking at rear of building